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Learn how to empower your mind. This helps heal the physical body, says Nirmala Raman


We all have a body, mind and soul. The soul is a very subtle thing and beyond the comprehension of the normal mind. The mind is less subtle, but there is a mind which we can experience. It is always filled with thoughts and is responsible for the various emotions felt by us during various situations. The body is the least subtle for we can see and feel it, and also know how it works. It is the gross, visible aspect of us. Great amount of concentration goes into taking care of the various aspects of one’s physical body — be it for beauty or for health. A man who takes good care of his body should be admired and appreciated.

But there is another and certainly a more important aspect of ourselves, which is ignored by a large section of humanity — our mind. How often do we think about keeping this crucial aspect of us, healthy and strong? The mind is such an important tool for each one of us, and yet it is the most neglected!


Frame Of Mind

A strong and healthy mind can even ward off diseases and heal the physical body, but we behave as if it doesn’t exist. The mind gives birth to all the thoughts that give birth to all our feelings and emotions, which are solely responsible for the performance of various actions, and, this in turn finally shapes our personality and defines who we are.

Once we realise that we need to take care of the mind, we are half way up the ladder. There are a zillion ways to keep the mind healthy and strong and thereby ensure for ourselves, a full life of total happiness, peace and harmony. The primary step is to try to observe your mind. Set aside 10 or 15 minutes of your time every day to just sit quietly and relax and just ‘watch’ your mind very objectively, without analysing, judging or getting involved in the thoughts. This first step, according to our great masters, is crucial to make us realise that our mind is just a part of us, a tool, to be mastered and moulded.

Feed the mind with ‘good food’ as often as you can. Unlike the body, the mind can take in excess of good food. Positive thoughts are a great booster to the mind. Love, forgiveness, empathy, gratitude, contentment, and acceptance of the Divine will are some invaluable qualities that we can feed our mind on.

Root out all the ‘bad and harmful food’ as often as you can. Negative thoughts and feelings harm you and can have harmful repercussions on yourself than on the person on whom it is directed! Watch out for them and try to remove them as quickly as possible, as soon as the thought enters the mind. Never, let it fester.

An excellent tonic for the mind is to keep it always busy with some productive work. An idle mind is indeed the devil’s workshop. Of course, there should be total focus in the work, giving your 100 per cent to it. The Bhagwad Gita has dedicated a whole chapter on how to perform work. Not only you dedicate yourself totally to the work at hand, but perform work without the negative traits of selfishness or anxiety. Work for work’s sake, done in a dedicated way is the key to a healthy mind.

One cannot work 24X7. Healthy relaxing habits too act as a rejuvenating tonic for the mind! Indulging in hobbies like gardening, reading, music, dancing, painting, and writing can all engage your mind to such a pleasurable extent that it cannot but be happy and healthy! Negative thoughts and feelings would never dare to tread there.

Have you ever tried to bring back that childlike innocence and wonder into your life? How long has it been since you saw the various formations of a cloud and let your imagination run riot? Or wondered in awe at the birds chirping, the colourful beauty of the butterflies or trees in full bloom, the myriad hues, smells and smiles of nature’s bountiful treasure — the flowers? How long has it been since you laughed like a jackass at probably a very ‘silly’ thing? Don’t bother straining your memory…just start it right away! You will very soon reap rich rewards.

These are only some of the strategies to empower your mind. Each of us has to decide on our own source of empowerment. But all of us have to decide to empower our minds along with, if not more than, our body.