The Joy of Eating

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Your consciousness is important in determining how a certain food behaves in your system, writes SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV


Food is life giving away its own life to make your life. If only you were aware that so many lives are giving up their own lives to sustain your own, you would eat with enormous gratitude. If you eat with that kind of gratitude, you will naturally eat only to the extent that it is necessary. The food will behave in a completely different way in your system; the way you treat it is the way it treats you.

Your consciousness is very important in determining how a certain food behaves in your system. Let us say two people are eating food with exactly the same levels of nourishment and their health and absorption rates are about equal. One person eats the food with joy while the other simply eats it as nourishment. The one who eats with joy will need much less food and will get better nourishment than the other person. There is scientific evidence to prove this. Every human being who is a little sensitive to life always knows this. If you eat with gratitude and reverence, you will see whatever you eat will work wonderfully for you.

The true joy of eating is that you are conscious of some other life willing to become a part of you, to merge and mingle with your own life and become you. This is the greatest pleasure a human being knows — in some way something that is not him is willing to become a part of him. This is what you call love. This is what people call devotion.

This is the ultimate goal of the spiritual process. Whether it is lust, passion, devotion or the ultimate enlightenment, it is all the same — it is just the scale. If it happens between two people we call it passion; if it happens with a larger group, we call it love; if it happens much more indiscriminately, we call it compassion; if it happens without even a form around you, it is called devotion; if it happens in its ultimate scale, we call it enlightenment.

This beautiful process of constant demonstration of the oneness of existence is happening at your mealtime every day. Food eating, is a demonstration of the oneness of existence. Something that was a plant, something that was a seed, something that was an animal or a fish or a bird, just merging and becoming a human being, is clear demonstration of the oneness of existence, of the hand of the Creator in everything that is. Make the simple act of eating into fulfilling the will of Creation and the tremendous experience of knowing the joy of Union…






Aum…Shanti ShantiShantihi

Let us be together. Let us eat together.

Let us produce energy together.

Let there be no limit to our energies.

Let there be no ill-feeling among us.

Aum…Peace, Peace, Peace.

This is an invocation in Sanskrit to prepare yourself in a certain way. You don’t have to know its meaning. If you simply utter the sound, it creates a certain situation within you. We are not saying this to thank God, but to create an inner situation where we receive food with a certain sense of respect, understanding and reverence.

By eating, you are performing the tremendous act of transforming this food — which was mud at one time, which became a plant at another time, and which is now here on your plate — into a human being. It is a big evolutionary step. You are transforming mud into human nature, and if you are willing, you can transform this mud into Divine nature within yourself.

The only god who is really sustaining you is food. We refer to food as a goddess — Annapurna. It is not that some goddess sitting somewhere is giving us food. We say ‘Annam Brahmam’ — the food itself is God. All other gods you have known only in your mind. In real experience, the air that you breathe, the earth that you walk upon, and the food that you eat are the gods who are sustaining you every moment. A Taste Of Well-Being, Sadhguru’s Insights For Your Gastronomics, Harper Collins Publishers. 

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