Rise And Shine

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Start your day early to boost productivity, says DATTAPRASAD ANIL THITE


From ancient times, the formula for sure-shot success centres around going ‘Early to bed and early to rise…makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ The habit of waking up early every day infuses us with consequent health benefits. Those early morning hours are serene and I find those hours of calmness so conducive to so many positive pursuits.

‘Using energy hours of the day is a fantastic idea’, which I learnt from my mother. As far as I can recall, she would wake up early in the morning. Since my school days, I too would get up with her to help her with filling drinking water for the day. After finishing my daily chores, I would study and then even pack in a game of club cricket at 6.30 in the morning.

This is the routine that I have been practising to this day. In fact, now I am up even earlier and get up by 4.30am, I have had benefitted enormously from this schedule. I start my official work at about 7.30 in the morning; therefore, I have a headstart of over two hours with my work, as the others only start work two hours later! I am therefore, never in a flap or strapped for time.

If we start the day early, it offers us the most productive time of the day ahead, without disturbances. The other benefit is that we drive in ease too, avoiding peak hour traffic jams on the roads, thereby reaching home on time and enjoying the whole evening with the family.

However, if you do need to work late nights and cannot get up early, then of course that is another matter. But let those who can, use their ‘energy hours’ more effectively. Begin by getting up early. This can lead to several miracles.


Be A Lark

  1. Before getting out of bed, I thank God attentively for bestowing me with one more day to live happily and generously.
  2. Bathing with cold water has been a ritual, ever since 1989. This, in itself fills me with immense work energy. I don’t remember catching common infections like colds, cough and fever all these years. However, opt for a cold water bath strictly according to your physical endurance. It doesn’t suit everyone to try this.
  3. When I start my day early with my morning rituals, I can reap countless benefits of the atmosphere that is filled with the positivity and divinity. There is complete absence of noise, and it becomes easy to concentrate on religious rituals.
  4. I finish my prayers by 6.15am, and then it is time for exercise — a set of 12 Surya Namaskaram.
  5. I enjoy sunrise daily, beimng an early bird. I watch spellbound as the sun provides energy to the entire world.
    At a personal level, it fills me with liveliness that my body stores and utilises for the whole day later.
  6. Then in 15 minutes, I tuck into a freshly cooked breakfast. Before starting breakfast, I have time to gaze thankfully at the plate — filled not only with freshly cooked food, but served with love by a family member.


Useful Guidelines

To initiate this practice, the following tips can be used:

Start getting up just 15 minutes earlier than the usual time you sleep, till you finally reach your goal.

Try sleeping earlier, even if you think you can’t. Eventually, consistency wins.

Place an alarm clock away from your bed, so that you have to get up to shut it off.

After getting up, go to the kitchen to take milk out of the refrigerator. Start preparing a hot energy drink. This will surely shake off your remaining drowsiness.

The habit of waking up early every day infuses us with consequent health benefits. Those early morning hours are serene and so conducive to positive pursuits