Listen to your hair

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Take care of your hair during the monsoon season, writes JAWED HABIB.

Your hair can tell a lot about your inner health. Healthy hair is always the result of a healthy body. Unless you eat and workout well, your hair can never be healthy. Beautiful and healthy hair is something everyone dreams of. In order to have healthy hair, it is important to take proper care of your diet. Your diet affects the growth of hair,so it is important to eat a nutritious diet which has all the required nutrients for the body.

Regular practise of yoga increases blood circulation, which supplies oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. So go for morning and evening walks, and exerciseregularly.Try to get at least six to eight hours of sound sleep and see how it works on your hair,too.This relaxes you and in turn relaxes your scalp, increasing circulation.

All this will relax your body and help you to have good and healthy hair. It’s not much, just a healthy lifestyle and your hair is healthy always. But your hair needs different treatment for different seasons.

Sometime ago,I was invited by a close friend for lunch.We caught up on many things for a long time. My friend told me that he had been using a good shampoo and conditioner for years. He was so particular about it.But he was still suffering from dandruff which never seemed to leave him! During winters, this problem would get aggravated and be accompanied by acute hair fall.I understood the crux of his problem immediately. It was that he was following the same hair care routine year after year whereas hair needs different treatment in different seasons. We have such different climatic conditions throughout the year.We need to focus on our need depending on the different weather, especially in the monsoon season. Monsoon is not a favourable season for hair. The level of humidity in the air is extremely high.It causes many hair problems. If you water a plant too much, the roots become weak and die; similarly when there is too much humidity in the air, it is harmful for hair.The humidity during this season makes the scalp wet and sweaty.This leads to itching and weakens the roots and hair starts falling. Because of humidity,the scalp stays sticky and a dandruff problem almost always arises.In this season,your hair needs extra attention to stay healthy.

Here are some tips to keep the hair healthy during the monsoon season:

■Wash your hair daily to keep your scalp and hair clean,fresh,and healthy.

■ Keep the length of your hair short as it is easy to maintain.This is not the right season to grow your hair

■ Use a good clarifying shampoo in this season. Avoid cream-based shampoos.

■ Don’t use too much oil during this season.

■ Use a conditioner after shampoo.Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp. Use it on your hair. If your hair is oily and flat, use a leave in conditioner after wash.

■ If you have a dandruff issue, you can apply a paste of neem leaves for some time on the scalp.

■ Drink plenty of water.It will keep your hair and skin hydrated.

■ Cut down on your styling products.It makes the hair sticky and attracts dirt and grime.

■ Don’t get worried with a little hair fall.It is a common problem during this season.Also avoid combing your hair when it is wet.

■ Use a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair.

■ If your hair gets wet in the rain, do not forget to wash it with clean water later. Home Remedy Henna is an excellent solution to most of your monsoon hair troubles.As hair tends to become flat and heave during this season,application of henna will suck out the excess moisture and oil and make your hair drier and give it a good bounce.Hair Yoga, Random House India

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