Holistic Fasting

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MAYA TIWARI discovers the power of ‘inner medicine healing’ by holistic fasting that adds years to life

 Fasting in body, mind and spirit is the primary living ahimsa practice that gave me back my blessed life. Indeed, I experienced a miracle; not the kind of miracle we search for outside of ourselves, but the greatest miracle of all; the living energy within that is the Mother Consciousness — awakening to the heart of ahimsa that reinforces our prana, our life force; and the power of ‘inner medicine healing’. I discovered that in unintentionally fasting the body, I had feasted the mind and filled the spirit. I discovered my purpose and thereby the means of reconciling my karmas.

Within the intelligence of cosmic rhythms, there is a time to feast and a time to fast, and a time for everything in between. The inner medicine rule is: What empties the body feasts the spirit; what feasts the body fuels the mind.


Fasting As Challenge

Fasting can be challenging when mind and spirit are out of alignment with the greater energies of nature. To fast the body, we must release toxic thoughts, conflicts and unresolved feelings that tend to fill our lives. When breath, mind and psyche are invoked to flow in harmony, the art of fasting becomes first nature. In order to awaken our inner healing capacity, we engage in sadhanas — abundant health-generating practices — that facilitate recovery of our resonant space within. Each one of us can find, recover and awaken our inner serenity.

In the exploration of our power to heal through fasting, let us examine how fasting our physical organism can be a feast for our immutable spirit. In practising fasting, we rest the instruments of our body, mind and psyche and along with them, the burdens of ancestral karma. Rishis tell us that observing fast, silence, rest and states of austerity are practices that strengthen our sense of personal discipline and cosmic lawfulness. When we learn to live in the embrace of dharma, we attract spiritual, emotional and physical health and fulfilment.

Fasting is a profound means to restore tranquillity to the body, mind and senses in order to reach the deeper spiritual recess within you. More than limiting or eliminating your food intake, fasting is about consciously healing yourself; it’s about taking an imperative pause. Slowing down your metabolism and digestion and letting your vital tissues and organs rest from time to time is necessary if you are to maintain excellent physical, emotional and spiritual health. It will help you add years of vibrancy to your life! If your body is not accustomed to doing a complete fast, where no food or liquids are imbibed, you will want to drink plenty of warm water, a few cups of herbal tea, or water mixed with dried ginger powder and jaggery. If you are unable to fast on liquids alone, you may fast on water, fruits, nuts and organic cow’s milk.

Unfinished Tasks

Before taking your pause for fasting, complete any unfinished tasks that may be weighing on your mind so you will be physically and emotionally poised to sit in yourself and be at one with harmony. As you fast, you will be practising the art of ‘simply being’. As you may know, the act of ‘simply being’ can be a very difficult one for most of us. Before you can entice the mind into its container of serenity and transcend the routine of activity and noise you will be leaving behind, I highly recommend you engage in non-mental work that needs to be done. In this way, you can gradually, but emphatically, shift into the present moment while you fast.

A great place to begin is by clearing your kitchen cupboards and closets. Clean out unnecessary utensils, stale packaged foods and electric appliances you are no longer using. Clean the kitchen walls, shelves, countertops, sinks and floor. Allow this act of cleaning the space that nourishes you within your home to be one of sankalpa — blessing — affirming your sacred intention to open your internal pathways for cleansing and nourishing during the fast. As you engage in your space clearing activities, you will find a surge of energy coursing through your limbs and your mind will begin to feel light, joyful and eager to partake in the spirit of the fast. Living Ahimsa Diet, Nourishing Love & Life, New Age Books.

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