Go Beyond Mind

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Integral Yoga aspires to bring down a higher light to integrate the divinity within, which leads to further evolution, says PULKIT SHARMA


Many regard the human mind as the greatest product of evolution. The mind has allowed us to gain mastery over several aspects of reality. We have left behind all other species and forms of life in usurping planet earth and restructuring it according to our interests. We have built skyscrapers taller than mountains, invented treatments that can artificially prolong life, devised transportation that covers thousands of miles in a few hours, developed weapons that can destroy our planet in a day and now we even aspire to spread our habitation in outer space. We wish that perhaps one day, man will control and rule the entire universe. However, we have also begun to realise that the mind will never be able to fulfil all its wishes and may even fail miserably.


Touch The Sky

There have been instances where violent earthquakes and floods have reduced our skyscrapers to dust, virulent new pathogens or mutations of old ones have defeated our medical treatments; and our astutely designed trains, airplanes, ships and spaceships have crashed. The second set of challenges comes from the destructive potential of the mind that has attacked mankind and nature in the form of rampant exploitation and violence, spreading the culture of separateness.

Everyone thinks only of the self at the expense of everyone else. If the mind were to continue to rule, it will destroy its own self, life and earth because of its greed and tunnel vision. At such moments, the limitations of the human mind stare us in the face.

Sri Aurobindo, based on his experiences with Integral Yoga, had a vision that the human mind is only one milestone in the evolution of consciousness and that there are more milestones to be covered. The answers to several problems that mankind faces today actually lie beyond the mind. According to Sri Aurobindo, by its own effort, the mind cannot go far because it can’t climb beyond itself permanently. If it shoots beyond that border, it loses hold of itself, loses hold of life.

A greater perfection can only be arrived at by a higher power entering in and taking up the whole action of the being. We are basically spirit that uses mind, body and life for individual and communal experiences and for self-manifestation in the universe. But we remain oblivious to this fact because we are not fully evolved and often mistake ourselves to be disconnected in mind and body. This illusory feeling of separateness in time, space and universe makes us function from a narrow personal viewpoint and stops us from being aligned as a part of the larger whole.

In the lower forms of being, the soul accepts this complete subjection to nature but as it rises higher in scale, it awakens to a sense of something within itself that commands nature. The mind needs to surrender itself to the soul.

However, the method of Integral Yoga does not tell us to shun or overthrow the mind but instead teaches us to bring down a higher light so that the mind can understand its truth and limitations. Once that happens, the mind can integrate with the individual spirit, the Divine and with all manifestations of the Divine in nature.

This will lead to further evolution. To achieve this, we need to purify our will and develop a robust faith. We need a will that is not afflicted or limited by any craving or desire and instead has an unconditional faith in the Divine. Then the human mind will tune into the divine and be its instrument on earth.


We need to purify our will and develop a robust faith. We need a will that is not afflicted by any desire and instead has an unconditional faith in the Divine.