‘Find the hidden lamp’

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Chanting Aum activates the third eye chakra, and enables you to dispel darkness from your life, writes V N MITTAL


When we switch on the light, the darkness outside disappears but does it dispel the darkness that we hold within us? Are we not left groping in the dark without lighting the lamp of our inner wisdom? According to Buddhism, all beings are imbued with a spark of inner Divine light. All religions speak of ‘His light within’. All spiritual searches end at the Divine or sacred light.

The inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness can be reached with the use of our third eye. The third eye is a mystical and esoteric concept and refers to a subtle eye which provides perception — not possible with ordinary sight. The third eye is endowed with psychic ability to have religious visions, achieve the power of clairvoyance and is the switch for lighting the wisdom lamp. At a higher level, the third eye symbolises a state of enlightenment.


Seat Of The Soul

In Hindu tradition, the third eye is associated with the crown chakra but in Tantra Yoga, it is related to the Ajana Chakra located around the middle of the forehead slightly above the middle of the two eyebrows.

In Taoism, the third eye is the mind’s eye. It is the main switch of the etheric body. In Buddhism, the third eye is considered as the middle eye of Shiva. In Egyptian folklore, it is the eye of Horus or Sky God and is a symbol of protection, royal power and good health.

In Theosophy, the third eye refers to the pineal gland, which resides between the two hemispheres of the brain. This gland habitually secretes melatonin that regulates our sleep and our lives and is the spiritual engine of evolution.

French philosopher Rene Descartes believed the pineal gland to be the seat of the soul where mind and body meet.

The third eye, when opened through meditation, is a powerful source of intuition and deep insight. It can see the unseen and know the unknown. It can build your awareness, improve your psychic capacity, enhance clarity of thought and help you subdue your ego. Often, you would get strong vibrations in your body after activation.

Epics suggest that Shiva has the ability to open and close the third eye at will. Jesus, too, had his third eye opened. The ability to awaken the third eye can be acquired with systematic efforts. A regime of regular practice of reiki, meditation, tai chi or yoga can do the trick. Reiki channels can sensitise and activate the third eye chakra by regularly dispensing reiki to the designated body positions. For others not into reiki, chanting of Aum in Shambhavi Yoga Mudra is recommended as described below.


Intuitive Wisdom

Sit in Sukhasana or in a chair with your spine straight and feet touching the ground. Take five deep breaths and expel the air. Now close your eyes and look up to the centre of the forehead — the area of the third eye. Begin a soft chant of Aum. Breathe in deeply and exhale as you chant imagining the sound of Aum emanating from the third eye area in a long chord.

Remain still and continue for 20 minutes as you focus on the area — releasing and resuming the mudra in between should your eyes feel tired. According to Osho, “If the third eye chakra becomes sensitive and is activated, it will bring about an increased integrity and dignity in you: you will begin to be more integrated into a whole; everything inside you ceases to be separate and divided and you become whole”.

With continued practice of Aum chanting, you would not only succeed in activating your third eye, but would also be able to harness intuitive wisdom for transforming your life.