Dive Deep Within

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V N MITTAL quotes several sources to emphasise the importance of journeying within, enabled by yoga and meditation.Lost in sensory pleasures, often we tend to ignore the deeper part of what is within us and are deprived of realisation of our true Self. Is it our total identification with body, mind and senses, and the resulting ego that obstruct our access to atma-jnana or Self-realisation? Or is it the magic of maya that veils our senses?

But where is the ego? Osho says, “Ego has no substance in it. You give it reality by believing in it. You can withdraw belief and reality disappears, evaporates. The ego is a kind of absence. You don’t know yourself, hence the ego. The ego is like darkness; darkness has no positive existence of its own; it is simply the absence of light. Put on the light and darkness disappears.” Similarly, the moment you know yourself, no ego is found. Osho gives the remedy: Dive deep into it, bringing awareness into your house — the deeper you go into it, the less the ego is found.” You succeed in removing the imaginary veil of ego.

Why should one seek Self-realisation? The realisation of Self leads you to eternal happiness — completely independent of all worldly bondage. “Self-realisation in reality is nothing else but yoga or oneness with the Truth — the direct perception or experience of truth by all knowing intuitive faculty of the soul,” says Paramhansa Yogananda . This intuitive realisation, as per the Bhagwad Gita, Chapter 9:2, is the king of all sciences, the royal secret, the peerless purifier, the essence of dharma; the imperishable enlightenment attained through ways of yoga.Those who succeed in realising themselves, get immersed into the Lord Himself. “The entire habitat, living or non-living, is a manifestation of the same one source that is the Tattva — everlasting eternal existence, Brahman, or the ultimate reality (the truth),” says Swami Adheshananda Giri. Performing the righteous duty, dharma, brings eternal happiness. It is the dharma that teaches the real state of righteousness for regulating tattva or the supreme spirit of life. All other sources of happiness including material happiness are mean and transient and fade in comparison to tattva or Brahmananda.

There are myriad approaches to self-enquiry to gain Self-realisation. The practice of yoga, meditation enables you to delve deep within in order for the jiva or ego to merge with the consciousness known as atman.

Life begins with consciousness. According to Yogananda, the key to reach the state of Self-realisation lies in drawing one’s life force and consciousness to the medullary plane that allows entry to the spiritual eye — the doorway to the highest state of consciousness. Brahmakumaris also consider the spiritual eye as the seat of the atman. Unless consciousness and energy reach the medullary plane, all matter would be experienced as solid and real-quite different from thought. And only when one goes beyond consciousness, he is truly enabled to realise that all matter is merely the condensed form of thoughts or visualised dreams of God. It can be successfully attained by practising yoga and meditation in the following steps:.

  • Sit in the lotus position or on a chair with feet placed on the ground
  •  Position your hands with fingers entwined and the thumbs touching each other slightly
  •  Keep your body relaxed and spine straight
  •  Keep your eyes closed or downcast and focus a few feet away from you
  •  Relax your body for about five minutes
  •  Focus your attention at the Mooladhara Chakra moving up to the Third Eye Chakra for about three minutes each respectively
  •  Make efforts to calm your mind by concentrating on a single thought. Let go of unwanted and intruding thoughts. Channel your mind to the focused thought.

Follow the practice for about 20 minutes daily. As the consciousness and life force are drawn to higher levels of perception, it brings about an inner awakening more satisfying than any other experiences your mind or emotions could give. Gradually you are enabled to discover your true Self; your infinite potential revealed and you begin to enjoy the eternal bliss and knowledge.

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