The vital force

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Increasing prana vayu balances energy, writes YOGACHARYA NAVDEEP JOSHI.Prana is a universal word that is connected with vitality or life power, known as prana vayu. According to ancient yogic texts, prana vayu is a part of pancha prana, categorised as prana vayu, apana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu and vyana vayu. Prana vayu maintains our relationship with the body and atmosphere through heart and lungs. In simple terms, prana urja is cosmic energy, whereas prana vayu is the oxygen that we breathe. In yoga, the word ‘prana’ is used in two forms:

  1. Samasti or microscopic and cosmic energy
  2. Viesti or macroscopic power to run the body

Yoga scriptures say cosmic energy is found everywhere in the universe and scientists also tell us about electro-magnetic energy, found in all small particles of the
cosmos. Experiment proves that electro-magnetic energy or prana energy is compulsory to keep our life safe.
A Scientific Phenomenon
The Earth behaves like a big magnet in which North Pole has positive polarity and South Pole has negative polarity.They are affected by bioelectromagnetic energy and the speed of this energy balances the animal kingdom. It changes our life by affecting our mind, prana and spirit. Yogic science considers the body as a walking magnet in which our head is towards the North Pole and feet towards the South Pole.

This energy goes through our spinal cord, and both poles create balance in the spine that manifest as positive thoughts. As we progress through the years, due to our modern lifestyle, our mind, body and spirit get affected adversely and we accumulate negative energy from our environment.To restore our vitality, we need to make changes in our lifestyle and consciously adopt rejuvenating practices. Prana urja or reiki healing, pranayama and meditation are three such practices that help balance our energy levels and protect us against negativity, leaving us healthy and calm. This enables us to realise and subsequently harness the immense potential of our mind. Prana urja, therefore, helps us advance in all spheres of life.
The entire universe is made up of five elements — air, water,earth, space, and fire. These five elements receive energy through a bio-magnetic field called prana urja.There are several healers like the Buddha, Guru Nanak, Jesus, and Muhammad, who used prana urja and the power of sparsha or touch to heal others.
When Mikao Usui, a Japanese healer, discovered this unparalleled phenomenon, the knowledge of which had been prevalent in India since ancient times, he gave it the name ‘reiki’.Today, several American and British Medical Associations have accepted reiki as a valid healing phenomenon and practice.To increase prana urja, one can perform pranayama and meditation also.

These practices enhance and expand our aura, which is the astral layer that protects us.The aura can be measured through Kirlian Photography, Modern Digital Aura Scanning, Polycontrast Interference Photography, Gas Discharge Visualisation, Radionics, Lecher Antenna and other means.

God has given us a life that is meant to be enjoyed, and He has made some rules to realise our true potential. Once we accept and follow these rules, life becomes simpler and happier.After benefitting from following these rules,we can share the lessons learnt and contribute
to society by helping others attain happiness.
Ancient Indian yoga and spiritual science believes that all human beings contain latent healing power. It is through this power and the power of love that all living beings in the world can be healed.

The vital force1