Sound of the Absolute

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Aum is the cosmic vibration behind creation, says  M N KUNDU

From the joy we are born with, to the joy we live, we move towards eternal joy when we become one with the Divine after enlightenment. But because of continuous deviation from the cosmic source, we are occasionally drowned in disappointment and utter confusion caused by our lack of healing wisdom. When everything else fails, we pray for our wellbeing with wavering faith. But the best way to pray or send our intention into the cosmos is through meditation on the Aum mantra, the cosmic vibration behind everything in creation.

Vedanta proclaimed Aum as the first manifestation of the Absolute Brahmn. Maharshi Patanjali held Aum as the symbol of God. The Bible affirmed, “In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…. All things were made through Him.” It is the ‘Amen’, the faithful witness of the beginning of creation. In the vedas, this has been called Shabda Brahmn that is akin to the ‘Big Bang Theory’ of modern science. The first manifestation of the infinite spirit was through cosmic sound vibrations and the closest utterable human approximation to this sound is Aum. At the very root of the universe is the creative energy or holy vibration identified as Aum.

Aum as the sound symbol of the Absolute is called anahata, meaning a sound produced with the absence of all friction. All other sounds are produced on account of friction. The sound of Aum is self-created, a total field of energy akin to what modern scientists contemplate as the quantum event, infinitely interconnected, self-organising and profoundly intelligent — the central idea, the blueprint, the element of the universe.

Both mind and matter are diverse states of energy and the entire universe consists of a unique configuration of energetic vibrations. This special constellation of energy produces a unique rhythm in all objects and creatures, which makes them distinctly different despite their essential inherent unity.

According to the Bible, in the beginning God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light. Light as manifestation of energy was intended to create, maintain, and govern the universe. Significantly, in Sanskrit, sound and sight are both denoted by a single word varna, which means alphabets as well as colour.

In spiritual practice, the cosmic sound of Aum as the focal point of our meditation tunes us with the cosmic vibrations that are at the root of all created things, both mental and material. Constant chanting or meditation on Aum rising from the navel and ending in the kutastha centre between the eyebrows raises our encased consciousness to the level of the Ultimate Being who is beyond all pluralities of delusive existence.


Meditate On Aum

Aum is a combination of four sounds and a continuous nasal humming sound of vibration. Audible or mental chanting is good but meditation on this sound is the best.

Sit down, keeping your spine erect. Take a few deep breaths. Slowly release tension from your entire body, part by part. Feel it leaving your body with your outgoing breath. Observe the whole body down from the crown chakra as a lump of flesh bound by a chain in the crown.

With your attention fixed on the third eye and on the crown chakra, mentally listen to the sound of Aum till it becomes constant. Merge your consciousness in the sound and direct attention to the source from which it originates and be established in pure consciousness.

Now merge your honest intentions and wholesome desires into Aum without forcing anything to happen. If you are truly merged, a mere impulse of intention will be enough to generate supportive events that will intuitively direct you to perform the necessary action for the fulfilment of the intention. Just stay anchored and the right fortune will come to you.

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