Sea Healing

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Sea water can wash you clean of all negativity, says RAMA AWASTHI.Sea healing is really powerful and vast in potential. Sea waters have salt content which is helpful in washing off negativity. Unknowingly, we carry burden of negativity which might belong to our environment, parents, spouse or boss. Sea healing is not only effective in washing this off but also enables us to learn the hidden message behind it that moves us to greater consciousness.

Sea healing helps us understand the nature of events going on in our life. The vastness of the sea is directly connected to the manipura or solar plexus chakra, which helps us tap into the inner power. The unexplored depths of ocean are connected with the anahata or heart chakra, which is instrumental in helping us to move on in life. Mighty waves are connected to the ajna or third eye chakra, which is the seat of expression. Ocean heals these three centre chakras, creating harmony in them:

l Connecting with the invisible: We generally do not care for the things which we can’t see. Everything in our life starts from subconscious thoughts which are very powerful. Our energy field is made of these thoughts. Sea healing helps in clearing our energy field, thus we become more centred and focused in nature.

l Flow of chi or prana: A lot of psychosomatic problems like insomnia happen because of energy drainage. Sea healing helps us in this by balancing the flow of chi in our body.

l Emotional immunity: Connection with the sea boosts our emotional immunity. Sea healing is used in various ways to calm extreme emotions like anger, stress, and guilt.

l Higher vibrations: Ocean helps in keeping our vibrations high. Sea healing was used extensively during the golden period of Atlantis, so those people vibrated on a higher mode.

l Imagination: Imagination is a powerful tool to manifest the dreams. Sea healing works miraculously with eye chakra which further helps in imagination for manifestations.


Alternative Ways

There are various ways sea healing can be used. People who live in coastal cities can have bath in sea waters and meditate at beaches. But those who do not have these opportunities can help themselves in following ways:


  • Salt water bath: Having salt water bath is useful in case of negative effects. Doing it in a cycle of 21 days reduces the negativity and mind opens for positive aspect of life.
  • Metaphor: Having pictures or small figures of friendly sea creatures at home like dolphins or mythological mermaids creates harmony in the environment.
  • Stones: Wearing stones which are found in the sea like white coral helps improving relationships and reduces stress.
  • Music: Lots of instrumental music is available based on sea healing. Listening to it or meditating with it helps in better sleep.
  • Literature: Reading about mythology and coastal cultures based on civilisations near the ocean keeps us connected to the sea.
  • Colours: Wearing sea colours like sea green and water blue is a good way to connect to the sea.


The vastness and depths of an ocean reminds us always that the Source is far more powerful than earthly discriminations and extreme emotions. The serenity of an ocean just after a storm tells us that bad phase of life never lasts forever.

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